Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Psychic Fair

Well another Psychic Fair has come and gone. I had a great time. Lots of folks come by and just get lost in paintings. Why I even had the famous artist LaPoynte come by and do sketches all day. That was great he sketched different scenes, there must have been something spiritual because lots of folks drifted in, mostly artists. So we were all talking about getting stuff into You and I Gallery this week for the THIS IS WHAT I DO Show.
      Some of you may not beleive in coincidences and synchronicities, but I got to tell you that as per usual for the fair every year the connections and weird experiences just magnify. Here is an interesting story: In March a FaceBook friend said she was sending her friend, Micki, to the Psychic Fair to meet me and see if I want to design wine label for their winery. Next day I got email that came from Badger Mtn Winery, offering a wine label contest for a new wine, bottom of email was signed Micki. So I thought that was same person. Well month later at the Psychic Fair this Micki comes by to meet me. She is NOT the same Micki from the Badger Mtn Winery. 2 Mickis, 2 Wineries, 2 Wine Label requests, heck.. even 2 Mountains. Thats a little off center :))  Right?  I found that too cool :))  Here are some pics of my booth at the fair.
2011 Psychic Fair

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